The author. Bibliotecario. By Edgardo Civallero

The author



I have a degree in Library and Information Sciences from the National University of Cordoba (Argentina, 2004), where I also studied History (branch Anthropology and Archeology). I have specialized in library services for indigenous peoples and minority groups, oral tradition, endangered sounds (languages and music), and knowledge classification. I am a researcher as well, on issues related to libraries and decolonization, libraries and degrowth/sustainability, critical/social/progressive librarianship, open access and non-European history of the book.

I am a professor, lecturer and writer, and I currently work as an independent librarian and information consultant. I am also a member of the Standing Commitee of IFLA's Indigenous Matters Section (since 2017); a corresponding member of the Standing Commitee of IFLA's Subject Analysis and Access Section (since 2017); a member of the coordinating committee of the Progressive Librarians Guild (since 2016); the editor of the UDC (Universal Decimal Classification) Summary in Spanish and Galician (since 2012); a member of CLACSO's working groups "Educación e interculturalidad" and "Ecosistema y sociedad" (since 2017); a member of the editorial team of Fuentes del Congreso (Bolivia), Progressive Librarian (USA) and Journal of Radical Librarianship (UK), and a collaborator with IFLA Journal and the Open Library of Humanities (since 2016); and a columnist in Fuentes del Congreso (Bolivia), Boletín de ABGRA (Argentina), El Quinto Poder (Chile) and the Observatorio Iberoamericano del libro, la lectura y las bibliotecas of CERLALC (Colombia)(since 2017).

Previously I've worked as librarian, reference specialist in biological sciences and medicine, classifier and cataloger, and designer of databases and digital libraries in all kind of libraries (since 1999). I've been the director of projects "Indigenous Libraries" (2001-2006) and "Rural Books" (2002-2006) in Argentina; the editor for Argentina of E-LIS (2004-2006); member of the editorial boards of Biblios (2006) and Information for Social Change (2007-2009); member of the Standing Committee of IFLA's Library Services to Multicultural Populations Section (2005-2008); professor in PROPALE (Program for the promotion of writing and reading, National University of Cordoba, Argentina, 2005-2007); and a consulting member of the Revision Advisory Committee (2004-2010) and Associate Editor/Assistant Editor of the Editorial Team (2010-2012) of the Universal Decimal Classification Consortium.

Beyond the world of books, I've worked as an editor and graphic designer (since 1988), I've studied Oceanography and Biology and, in my spare time, I compose and perform music, I write fiction, I takes photographs and I keep a network of blogs.

A summary of my professional career can be consulted through LinkedIn, while my bibliographic production is in the open-access archive Acta Académica .



Contact e-mail: edgardocivallero (at) gmail (dot) com.